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When it comes to toys and products, we emphasize quality over quantity. We've put together some of our tried and true products that have proven to earn their title as a "favorite" and we believe give the best bang for your buck.


For organizational purposes, some products are arranged by the child's developmental age, which may differ from their chronological age. Please note all products should be used under proper supervision. Developmentools participates in the Amazon Affiliate program, which includes some products listed below. Please see our Disclaimer page for more details.


All items below include price, however it should be noted that prices are subject to change per Amazon seller. Because of this, some pricing discrepancies may occur.

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The Product: Peanut Ball

The Price Point: $15.99 to $18.98


The Perks: They can work for all ages. From laboring, to infancy, toddlerhood through adolescence - these exercise balls can always serve a purpose.

They can address a variety of skills. By bouncing, sitting, balancing and "steamrolling" with it, a peanut ball can address the areas of core strength and stability, proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input, weight bearing, tummy time and more.

Similar Products:

Peanut Ball (Blue, 31x15 inch), $16.99

Peanut Ball (Yellow, 23x12 inch), $15.99

Top Picks

Overall Top Picks

The Product: Fat Brain Toys Squigz Toobz Suction Cup Manipulatives

The Price Point: $9.99 to $59.95


The Perks: They can work for all ages. They address grasping skills, hand strength, visual motor skills, bilateral skills and provide deep pressure/proprioceptive input with the push and pop against surfaces. 

They're versatile. Push two together to form a bridge and roll toy cars underneath it. Bring them into the bathtub to make water play fun. Use them to practice forming letters and numbers. Encourage creative play and imitation: build a robot, use them as a pretend phone or toy antennae.

Similar Products:

Fat Brain Toys Squigz Jumbo 75 Piece Set with Storage Bag, $59.95

BunMo Bath Toys with Suction Bathtub Toy Organizer, $19.99

Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys, $9.99


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Dressing and Accessories


5-8 Years

The Skills: This age group benefits from toys and activities that encourage fine motor coordination and dexterity, visual motor skills, left and right discrimination, and social skills. This age group begins to gain more independence so toys that require executive functioning tasks such as problem solving, sequencing, and attention are a great choice.

The Price Point: $9.51 to $64.95

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9 +up

9 and up +

The Skills: In this stage of development, children are growing more independent, developing stronger peer relationships, and facing more academic challenge and workload. The products featured here focus on emotional regulation, skill development, personal interests and social interaction.

The Price Point: $5.99 to $84.99

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