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What We Aim To Do

Our mission is to provide holistic, family-centered services that promote overall wellness by illuminating the strengths of both the caregiver and the child.


We aim to optimize each child’s level of function by partnering with you, the caregiver. We strive to equip you with the tools and strategies needed to achieve the goals you and your family have, while maintaining a healthy sense of self and well-being. Research indicates that the health and wellness of a child is deeply impacted by the overall wellness of the caregivers. Because of this, we use a unique approach that focuses not only on the goals for the child, but also on fostering a family dynamic that encourages progression, wellness and support for all members involved.


We are committed to providing you and your family the highest level of pediatric care. In an environment where delays and struggles are often emphasized, our family-centered approach instead focuses on strengths in order to build a confident and balanced team, child and family.

How We Do It

  • Team collaboration to identify the needs of both the child and family

  • Strategizing with the family to engage in appropriate goal setting

  • Providing holistic services that focus on a concern's root cause, while also treating the symptom

  • Equipping the caregiver through hands-on education opportunities that build confidence 

  • Hosting a variety of workshops and webinars with a focus on relationship and rapport-building exercises

  • Utilizing evidence-based practices that are rooted in research to improve outcomes

  • Building on strengths of the parent and child to foster family wellness

  • Encourage inclusivity to provide quality services regardless of ability, class or barriers

Find out more about our services and process here.


Our Mission

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