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Let's talk about brain breaks!


Brain breaks are short activities that allow the child a mental break during the learning process. Some of the benefits of brain breaks include:

  • Boosting blood flow and oxygen to the brain
  • Assisting with information processing and retention
  • Encouraging sense of community in the classroom environment
  • and allowing opportunity for emotional and mental release and decreasing anxiety!


This fun and easy printable allows your students to roll and get moving! Included are the following pages:


  • Let's Get Moving Activity Chart
  • Printable 6-Sided Dice
  • 6-Sided Dice Instructional Assembly Sheet


This activity is easily modified: you can have them complete exercises 10 times or for 10 seconds, or have them use the included printable dice to roll the amount of times they should complete them!


Brain Break: Gross Motor Roll-A-Move Dice Activity Chart

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