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Letters of Medical Necessity (or LMNs) are regularly required to get equipment approved through insurance. These letters provide a detailed description of the patient's condition(s) or diagnoses that make the requested equipment medically necessary for their well-being. 


Unfortunately, many children are denied prompt access to needed equipment because their therapist(s) are unsure of how to request them or have not provided the necessary information required for insurance approval. 


We've created this resource to take some of the stress out of writing these requests and build your confidence in writing LMNs!


Included this resource, you'll have access to both a .pdf version and a .ppt version (with editable letter templates). 


Topics include:

  • Letters of Medical Necessity: Explained
  • Tips for approval, what to include + how to fast track the process
  • (3) examples of LMNs for various equipment, including a medical bed, bath chair + activity chair (please note: these are sample letters intended for educational use. You should rewrite these letters as clinically necessary and appropriate).


Letters of Medical Necessity: 3 Editable Templates + Tips for Approval!

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