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Little ones aren't born with their visual system fully-developed. High contrast images help them make sense of an otherwise often blurry world around them while their vision continues to develop.


This set includes 24 cards printed two per page. Print, cut and prop them up to use.


These high-contrast cards can be used for a variety of ages and skills, including:

- Motivating babies or children during prone positioning or tummy time

- Visual development, visual motor (matching), visual scanning


*For infants, we recommend placing the cards around 8-11" away from their face.


We highly recommend laminating or placing into a page protector for added durability! Trim around the black lines, fold at the dotted crease in the middle of the page and prop the cards vertically or horizontally to visually engage your child.


For a simple matching game, you can print multiple copies of the same cards and cut them out individually. Turn the cards face up and have the child practice matching the ones that look alike. For a more advanced version, turn the cards over and take turns guessing where a match might be located!




Printable High Contrast Visual Cards

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