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Looking for an easy, digestible handout to help you learn (or explain) sensory processing? So were we! Created by two pediatric occupational therapists, this concise, 3 page packet gives foundational knowledge for understanding sensory processing using the H2O analogy.


This packet answers questions such as:

  • what is sensory processing?
  • what's an example of processing sensory input?
  • what does neurotypical sensory processing look like?
  • how can sensory processing differ?
  • what is over-responsiveness?
  • how about passive under responsiveness?
  • active under responsiveness?
  • ...all with fun illustrations and visuals to keep it interesting!


Your download and use of this product implies understanding of the Terms of Use, which can be found within this document.

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Sensory Simplified: Sensory Processing + the H2O Analogy, OT, SLP, SPED

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