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Bilateral integration involves not only the hands, but the entire body! It plays an important role in so many of our daily activities.


This free resource packet includes 2 (one full color and one low-ink) handouts that covers 14 at-home and in the classroom activities that engage bilateral integration!


Want more where this came from? Check out another bilateral resource of ours by clicking here. In addition to what you'll find in this free download, our other listing includes:


  • Defining bilateral integration and its importance
  • Signs of difficulty with bilateral integration
  • Explanations and examples of the differing types of bilateral integration, including asymmetrical, symmetrical, reciprocal and midline crossing


This resource packet can serve as a resource for both therapists and caregivers to ensure optimal performance in the home and classroom environments.



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*FREE* In-Home + Classroom Bilateral Activities Handout

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