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Little brains are doing busy doing big things - and that means that winding down for the evening can sometimes be far from calm (for both the child and caregiver!)


We created this resource packet as a way to provide extra support during the evening with the use of a routine and visuals - both of which can assist in remediating anxiety and the sleepy time scaries. 


Best of all, this schedule style has two of our favorite features: it encourages the child's interaction, and it only reveals the steps in the routine that are left!


Included in this resource packet is:

  • My Evening Routine (3 color options)
  • My Bedtime Routine (3 color options)
  • 19 Visual Pictures: brush teeth (two different images), floss teeth, potty, toilet, change diaper, change undies, wash up, lotion, bath, shower, medicine, pajamas (two different images), change clothes (3 different skin tones), squeezes, music, quiet play, sleep (3 different images), go to sleep, gummies, sound machine + book!

Emotional Regulation:


Sensory Processing:


Motor Planning + Gross Motor:


Handwriting and Fine Motor:


Visual Motor/Visual Perceptual:


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Bedtime, Sleep + Evening Routine Visual Schedule (6 Versions, 19 PECs Included!)

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