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In need of a simple, easy to understand, but informative handout on how sensory processing impacts speech and language development? Then this is for you!


We created this resource after often finding ourselves in need of a quick explanation on why sensory organization and being in a "ready to learn" state so greatly impacts a child's ability and desire to communicate. When children are no longer solely focused on trying to organize and make sense of conflicting sensory signals inside of them, they are ready to focus outwardly and engage with the world around them!


Complete with resources and references, this two-page handout covers a brief overview of what sensory processing is, the four major sensory systems that impact language development, along with the communication difficulties that may occur when a child experiences sensory processing difficulties.


Emotional Regulation:


Sensory Processing:


Motor Planning + Gross Motor:


Handwriting and Fine Motor:


Visual Motor/Visual Perceptual:


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Sensory Simplified Part 1: All 8 Systems (+BONUS: Oral Sensory Processing)

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