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Mindfulness and self-regulation is a skill that requires continued opportunities to hone. When little ones become excited, anxious, overstimulated or upset, they often retreat to a "fight or flight" response.


Regulatory deep breathing exercises, such as the ones encouraged with these visual boards, can help bring a sense of calm and control back to your little ones.


This resource packet includes:

  • 2 full-color visual boards: one with numbered squares, one without
  • 2 black and white visual boards: one with numbered squares, one without
  • 6 full-color characters
  • 2 low-ink characters


Encourage your child's active participation within this activity by having them remove the characters as they take each deep breath, for a total of 5 to help them back to a state of calm.


This resource packet can serve as a resource for educators, therapists and parents to provide children the opportunity to practice self-regulatory strategies throughout the day.


Keywords: self regulation, calming, behavioral management, behavior, regulation, classroom management, anxiety, calm down corner




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Deep Breaths Interactive Visual Board for Calm Down Corner, Behavior + Anxiety

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