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No shoes? No problem! We created this resource as an easy way to print, laminate (recommended but not required), hole punch, and start working on those shoe tying skills! You may also choose to hot glue the laminated version to cardboard for extra backing.


If you've got a new learner, consider using a more rigid lace, like a pipe cleaner. Have a little one that needs help with sequencing? Use laces of two different colors! 


Included in this resource packet is:

  • Double Shoe Template (color)
  • Double Shoe Template (b + w)
  • Right Shoe Template (color)
  • Right Shoe Template (b + w)
  • Left Shoe Template (color)
  • Left Shoe Template (b + w)


* All shoes are labeled either left + right!


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Life Skills + ADL Printable Shoe Tying Practice Template: 6 Versions!

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