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Be gone, stick figures - here's a resource we needed so badly that we created it ourselves! Looking for a variety of visuals that can be used in the classroom, clinic, and at home? One that can apply to educators, therapists andparents?


You've found it! This packet includes OVER 280+ hand-drawn, realistic illustrations that can provide support during transitions, assist in managing expectations and anxiety, specify expected behaviors, help with task initiation and sequencing, and more!


Better yet? These PECS are categorized for ease and organization. Subjects included are:

p. 5: calming activities

p. 7: body + feelings

p. 12: sensory

p. 20: school

p. 24: therapeutic activities

p. 28: play

p. 30: routines

p. 36: food + drink


If you're unable to find your specific image in a certain category, take a look through remaining categories for potentially related PECS images!


This listing also includes 3 FREE bonus schedules:


-First/Then 2-Step Schedule

-First, Next, Then, Last 4-Step Schedule

-INTERACTIVE First, Second, Then, Last 4-Step Schedule


Notice something that might be missing? Want to see more? Keep an eye out for updates to this listing file, as we will be sure to post any we have to the categories included in this mega pack!


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*MEGA PACK* 280+ PECS and 3 Visual Schedules for Sensory, School Routines + Mor

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