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Unsure of where to start?


We offer an in-depth, one-time consultation service to address a variety of family concerns. Offered via several platforms: email, an online platform or in-person, our consultations foster a teamwork approach with a focus on collaborative problem-solving.


If you're looking for a team to strategize with regarding your family's desired goals, this option is for you. Considerations will be provided and reviewed with you to ensure constructive outcomes.


You may be seeking advice on:

  • Connecting, understanding and engaging with your child

  • Behavioral and sensory supports: understanding and exploring approaches in the home, at school and in the community

  • Mealtime and bedtime routines and considerations

  • Encouraging play skills, social interaction and attention

  • The daily routine: how to make it easier on everyone

  • Set-up: how environmental changes can make a BIG difference

  • IEPs: advocacy, review, and a team on your side to sift through the 304983 other acronyms

  • This or that? ...or those or these? We can take a deep dive into exploring therapeutic and non-therapeutic approaches to meet your child's and family's needs

If you’re looking for a comprehensive program to address a specific need and provide you with a path forward, we are here to consult with you. This stand-alone service is an economical way to get recommendations from a pediatric professional.

Our consultation services differ from our parent coaching services, which include routine follow-up and collaboration. For more information on parent coaching services, learn more here.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to us to discuss if any of the services we provide are appropriate for you and your family.

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