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We’re big believers in the idea that children thrive when their caregivers are thriving as well – and research continues to support this idea. Parenting, while incredibly rewarding, is a challenging job title in general – and those challenges become more complex when a child experiences developmental, sensory processing or motor delays.

During our time as practitioners, we’ve come across hundreds of parents who were having similar experiences:


The information overload is real. The guilt is real. The exhaustion is real. The sense of overwhelm and self-doubt and loss of identity is real.

​Our parent enrichment coaching program is designed to provide the support and guidance for you to feel empowered as an advocate and confident leader to your child. Enrichment coaching services are not intended to replace therapy, though coaching may supplement services.

Parent coaching sessions range from 30-60 minutes in duration and are offered through both telehealth and in-person. Upon completion of each coaching session, a written follow-up and plan of action is delivered and discussed with you to ensure your child and family’s success.

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