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Not quite sure what OT is? Check out our page here for a little more information, then learn more about our specific therapy sessions below.


Occupational therapy sessions occur 1-on-1 with a licensed occupational therapist. These treatment sessions typically range from 30-60 minutes in duration, and are designed to directly assess and address skills in a variety of domains.


The child's occupation is play - it's how they learn to interact, engage and impact the world around them. During a therapy session, we incorporate important developmental and life skills into these natural play routines.

Sessions are available via both telehealth or in-person. In-person sessions can occur in the home environment or in a community setting (i.e. park or daycare.).

Child in Air Yoga
Playing in Nursery

getting started

A prescription from your child's pediatrician is typically required prior to scheduling an occupational therapy evaluation. This can be discussed with and requested from your child's doctor during your next appointment.

Evaluations are performed with a family-centered approach in the convenience of your home. Evaluations are based upon parent interview, child/practitioner interactions and clinical observation of skills. Assessments that are best suited for your child will be completed during the evaluation process.

what to expect

Once an evaluation is completed and results are reviewed with the family, regular sessions will be scheduled if your child qualifies for services. Parent-only meetings are conducted every 6 weeks to maintain progression toward goals and optimal development.

With Developmentools, you can expect a therapist that equips you with the knowledge of confidence to understand what we're working on, why we're working on it, and easy ways for you to incorporate opportunities for your child to hone his or her skills in the home and community environments.

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