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well hey there!

we're so glad you dropped by.

We're Alison and Maddie.


As pediatric occupational therapists who have been serving in the field, we've had the opportunity to work with children, teachers, parents and caregivers in a variety of settings. During that time, we also identified a variety of unmet needs experienced by the children and families that we've worked with.


Questions that went unanswered. Resources that were left untapped. Important components of caregiver and child wellness that remained unaddressed, impacting not only the child's progress, but the overall wellbeing of the entire family. 


In creating our own practice, we knew we wanted to offer a unique approach to intervention - addressing each aspect of the team, beginning with the caregiver.


So became the founding of Developmentools, with the goal of equipping parents, caregivers and therapists alike with the tools needed to encourage optimal development.

We focus on a teams-based approach to walk with you through this journey - keeping the goals you have for yourself, child and family at the forefront.

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