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What areas do you serve?

Direct occupational therapy services are currently available in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. However, parent coaching and consultation services are available in other states. For more information on what may be available to you, reach out to us here.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting? 

Parent coaching is a widely emphasized concept in the field of pediatric OT, and for good reason. It allows collaborative problem-solving, involvement of the parent and family during goal-setting, and equips the caregiver with confidence and knowledge. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has also deemed it a best-practice method. Because of this, we offer two different ways that parents can receive additional support:

Caregiver coaching is performed on an on-going basis with frequent check-ins. Parents of the children that are seen for OT services will complete caregiver coaching session once every 6 weeks to encourage carry-over and progression. 


Consulting services are performed on a one-time or as-needed basis. Because coaching and consulting services are not covered by insurance, consulting offers an economical option that can meet the needs of the child and family, while respecting that finances may play a factor.


Our goal is that every child and family we come into contact with receives the support that they need. We also offer reduced consultation rates for educators, daycare providers and teachers to encourage inclusivity and caregiver education for a more positive and productive school experience.


You can contact us to request more information on coaching or consulting and private pay rates here.

Will my child qualify for services? 

In order to determine if a child qualifies for occupational therapy services, an occupational therapy evaluation will need to be conducted. While some children may not medically qualify for direct occupational therapy services, our parent coaching and consultative services offer parents an alternative for getting the advice and support that they seek. 

How much does this cost? Will insurance cover it? 

The cost of our services vary depending upon type. We are continuing to grow our list of insurances that we are in network with, and provide an alternative superbill option to seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier if we are not in network.


Please contact us using this form to see if insurance is an option for you, or to inquire on our private pay rates. 

How do I know if one of these services is right for us?

Let's find out! First, we encourage you to take a look at our services and get an idea of what it is that we offer. Then, we encourage you to schedule your free 15-minute consultation, where we can touch base and see if we might be the right fit for you and your family. 

Online therapy? Does that even work?

While teletherapy is a relatively recent and growing platform for the delivery of occupational therapy services, there are encouraging studies that back the use of telehealth in OT, based both on outcomes and on parent satisfaction. However, not every child and family will be a good fit for teletherapy. If you're curious on whether or not teletherapy services may work for you, touch base with us here.

Still have questions after making your way through this page? We welcome you to reach out to us via our contact form and we'll be in touch shortly. 
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